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Philly to Leave Bike Shops Open During COVID19 Closures


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In these trying and ever-changing times, many cities around the world are shuttering non-essential businesses in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. These closures are extending to bike shops. We know that bikes are essential to transport every day, and even more so as we as a society practice social distancing. We’re excited to announce that with our help, Philadelphia has added bike shops to the list of essential businesses that can remain open. 

Fuji is based out of Philadelphia, PA which shuttered all non-essential businesses on Monday. We teamed up with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to lobby the city to allow bike shops to remain open. 

An excerpt from the letter we sent to the Mayor of Philadelphia, “In areas where businesses considered ‘non-essential’ are ordered to close, bike shops are included in this list. When this occurs it deprives riders from the ability to repair their bike when it breaks, or purchase a new bike in order to find an alternative means of transport at this time of crisis. Auto repair businesses are included in the essential business list, bikes should be considered the same as bikes are not only for recreation but also for transportation.”

We’re pleased that the residents of Philadelphia will be able to rely on their local bike shops for service to keep them rolling as we continue to navigate this global pandemic.