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Because Fast is Not Enough

Transonic 1

How do you make a great aerodynamic bike even better?

By adapting the revolutionary linear design revealed in the smashing success of the Fuji Supreme to our newest speed flagship, the Transonic. When redesigning our top-of-the-line aero bike, we focused on cheating the wind, slicing seconds and boosting miles per hour.


 Transonic Wind Tunnel

Increasing efficiency in real-world riding and racing conditions

Fuji's team of designers and engineers wanted to improve the new Transonic by increasing its versatility of use and increasing its efficiency in real-world riding and racing conditions.

First, the aero-section frame and fork received major design updates to increase overall tire-clearance to accommodate up to 30-32mm tires (size dependent on tire manufacturer). This allows riders greater possibility to fine-tune their needs for ride-quality and rolling efficiency over varying road or race course conditions.

 Transonic 3 fix


Secondly, the shape of the new Transonic was developed with wind-tunnel testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics to offer the greatest aerodynamic benefit when equipped with water bottles. This alone was a big step forward in improving real-world efficiency compared to traditional wind-tunnel testing where a bare frame or bicycle is used. To further increase efficiency, the bottom bracket area was re-shaped to help reduce drag around the chainrings and crank arms. 

 Transonic 4


As a result, the new Transonic has a reduction in drag from wind resistance in both straight-on situations as well as when the wind is coming at the rider from an angle.


Transonic 5

Built to Perform

Progressive stack and reach geometry ensures that all sizes place riders in the perfect position. Disc models come with 12mm thru-axles front and rear for extra stiffness. And, of course, those tubes ... used in both the frame and fork, Kammtails are truncated airfoils that are wind-tunnel proven to perform better, with less drag at yaw (side winds) angles, than full airfoils.


 Transonic 6


Go faster. Go Transonic. 

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